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The Good Home project explores ideas for 21st century urban living

We are building a pop-up urban living unit for the 21st century. In an on-going series of installments it will explore what life for a technologically-savvy household could look like while they are (and sometimes aren’t) at home in the near future. We will showcase how flexible living interacts with the limitations of diminishing household budgets, limited global resources, evolving concepts of privacy, the sharing economy, and global migration.

Five years ago, with Homesense, we explored the impact of open hardware on innovation in homes across Europe. We wrote an e-book on connected homes, and we have been building connected products for the home.

We are now broadening our use of design as a tool for action across the home, the street, the city. We want to move beyond past visions and use design to create a vision for our future now. A values-based vision to inspire new ways of defining, living, building and interacting with our homes now and in the future.

We work with architects, designers, computer scientists, landscape architects, meteorologists, energy specialists, sociologists, builders and artists collaborate and contribute to this vision. Sectors have worked in silos for long enough, it is time for deep collaboration to build a truly inspiring future.

The next installment of the Good Home will be in London during London Design Festival.

Want to get involved? Drop us a line!