Data Domestication

By Iohanna Nicenboim

“Data Domestication” is a series of connected objects, which explore the adoption of environmental sensors in the domestic environment. Using the metaphor of pets, it creates a meaningful interaction between the device and its owner, based on a socio-technical approach.

In contrast to computers, we are not so good at remembering numbers, but rather very good at interpreting vital signs. Environmental shifts happen very slowly, and are hard to understand by just watching variables on a screen. Thus, this project proposes a more personal interpretation of environmental data: Instead of giving the information in numbers, the device encourages the user to understand them in a more intuitive way, helping us to re connect to our abilities of interpreting the world around us.

Data Domestication Bird Cage

The Air-quality Birdcage takes inspiration on how canaries were used as measuring systems for air quality in the past. This pet-measuring-device has a calm/ambient behaviour. In contrast to electronic devices, it is active in normal air conditions but starts showing signs of distress once the air quality deteriorates. Similar to a pet, this device reacts to the input by changing its habits, and thus, the user needs to learn them, creating a personal and close relationship with it.

Design values: Personal, Respectful, Careful, One size does not fit all, Provocative, Constructively critical, Perfect Imperfection

Data Domestication States