By Alice Leleux, Bunganic Marian, Steffi Scheringa

During a walk through the city of Antwerp we discovered that seniors are not interested in interacting with younger people who they have not met. Some of them had a negative view of the youth of today.

This can be seen as a barrier to have a more considered society. That is why it is important to build a bridge between the young generation and seniors.

It can be hard for the two generations to take the initiative to start a conversation. What makes it harder is that young people are often busy on their smartphone. Most of them feel awkward and sometimes scared when strangers talk to them. InterACT, is a game that makes the first step easier and takes away the awkwardness of having to interact with a stranger.
The purpose of this game is to provoke interaction between generations in public places without forcing them into participating. People are more capable and willing to talk while they are still and not in displacement. The game will be placed at the bus stop, metro station or parc. The game can be played alone, but it is easier to work together.