by Michelle Thorne

Turn everyday objects into ingredients that you can use in recipes to control interactions in your home.

recipes objects

How it works:

A visitor selects an everyday object from a small collection. Using a set of cards as prompts, the visitor considers what they want that object to feel or sense, such as temperature, motion or pressure. Then they decide what action should be taken once their object senses that input. With those ingredients, the visitor completes a simple recipe formula: “If [object] feels [input], then [action].” They can then take a photo of their result and bring their recipe home.

Recipes by Michelle Thorne

Example recipes include:

  • If your spoon feels how spicy a dish is, then it notifies you that it’s too hot to eat.
  • If your picture frame feels when your friend comes to visit, then it displays “Welcome.”
  • If your toothbrush feels it hasn’t been used by 11:00, then it sends you a funny reminder video.

Each visitor explores the kinds of objects they would want to be connected in their home and designs the interactions that they want–on their terms. New input and action cards can be created, and the recipe formula can also be modified as much as each visitor desires.

In this way, the creation and control of the Internet of Things becomes accessible to everyone.

Design values: Participatory, Readable, Open, Adaptable, Hackable.