Home Sweet

by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

When we think of the home in the UK, we’re talking about a living and breathing infrastructure which moves and reacts to its environment. I’ve lived in homes that have leaked, had to replace boilers, flooring, tiles, grout. It’s always felt like an endless battle and many moves in London have added to the feeling of unsteadiness. Every time I move, I ask the same questions: the landlord’s details, where the meters are, how to turn on the taps without burning myself. I get insurance policies moved over, making a set of assumptions on information I don’t have yet: when the building was built, whether there has been subsidence recently. I bring in my own data but I also need a lot of information that belongs to the home itself.

Sweet Home sketch

Home Sweet is a sketch of a digital service that captures and hosts a home’s data forever (presumably set up by the local council) enabling owners and tenants to come and go with their own data but also leave something behind for the next person.

Design values: Readable, post-capitalistic