Mozilla Festival 2015

We started The Good Home with the kitchen at Homelab, the BBC’s presence at the Mozilla Festival 2015.

On 8th-9th of November, on the 6th floor of the Mozilla Festival we hosted a series of workshops, talks and casual conversations around the kitchen table, literally.

Mozfest Homelab Kitchen

The schedule

Saturday 8th

Mozfest Homelab Kitchen

10:30 AM: A day in the connected home in 2025
We created a newspaper in the ‘near’ future, with ads for yet-to-be-invented things.
Run by Marcel Schouwenaar & Harm van Beek (The Incredible Machine), Peter Bihr (The Waving Cat, ThingsCon)

Low-carbon lunch

13:00 Low carbon lunch
We provided participants with lunch on a ‘low carbon’ basis ie local ingredients, with no or little preparation needed using water or extra energy (heating). Let’s talk about kitchens as the most energy-hungry part of the house and come up with solutions we can draw while eating.
Run by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (designswarm)

IoT Manifesto at Mozfest 2015

14:00 IOT Design Manifesto: 6 kitchen cases
Cooking up dilemmas and ethical design opportunities around the kitchen.
Run by Marcel Schouwenaar & Harm van Beek (The Incredible Machine)

IoT Manifesto at Mozfest 2015

16:00 Carmen and the Microwave: Warming Up the Nation

Talk given by Rocio Rodtjer who is based in San Francisco followed by a Q&A.

My Spanish grandmother was a great cook. She was the sort of Mediterranean matron that has been romanticised and fetishized by cookery writers since Elizabeth David’s paeans to the fresh, vibrant cuisine of southern Europe, in stark contrast to the starchy offerings of Mrs Beeton. Except that my grandmother also loved the microwave she got for her 70th birthday. And Mrs Beeton was a newly-married woman in her 20s with little domestic experience that peppered her recipes with extensive references to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Kitchens (and recipe books) have always been a crucial battleground to discuss modernity, but never really regarded as such. Because it was a ‘woman’s thing’.

(Included tea and cake from Violet Cakes)

Sunday 9th

Mozfest Homelab Kitchen

11:30 Beyond Hollywoold: women and smart kitchens (design)

We kicked off this session with films of smart kitchens from the past and ask why women are so often isolated from the act of designing a space which society indoctrinates them to use and ‘own’.
Run by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (designswarm)

12:45 Lunch discussion. For and with children in the kitchen
Discussion with Ekaterina Lichtenstein (HOK), Anab Jain (Superflux), Dr. Alison Powell, London School of Economics on families in kitchens and what they can teach us about how to eat lunch, design kitchens, eat and tech?

14:45 Apps for families in the kitchen
A collaborative hands-on workshop on how we can build apps that consider the needs and desires of families for smarter kitchens – all through a user-centred design approach.
Run by Benjamin Maugain and Danny Bluestone (Cyberduck)

16:00 DIY Cardboard Kitchen
We used cardboard to build new kitchen layouts which lived up to the conclusions and topics we’ve been discussing over the past days.
Run by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (designswarm)

17:00 The last minute museum
George Oates (Small Museum) contextualised the two days in a ‘last-minute’ exhibition and discussion with bubbly and cake!