Milan Fuori Salone 2016




Visit our second Good Home during Fuori Salone, the city-wide festival of design that accompanies the Milan Furniture Fair. We will be exhibiting product ideas around the future of the home.

Download the official announcement (incl. project descriptions and link to images for media use) (PDF).



Peter Bihr (The Waving Cat)
Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (designswarm)
Iohanna Nicenboim (Berlin University of the Arts)
Michelle Thorne (Mozilla Foundation)



Data Domestication Bird Cage

Data Domestication. Data Domestication uses the metaphor of pets to explore environmental sensors in the domestic environment. For example, the Air-quality Birdcage takes inspiration on how canaries were used as measuring systems for air quality in the past.

Home Totem sketch

Home Totem. The Home Totem physically represents the owner’s privacy and sharing preferences within their home. Think dietary requirements, energy consumption profiles, records of former home ownership and the like.

IMG_9097Internet Adhesives. Internet Adhesives explores how to append the internet to everyday objects. This project argues that people shouldn’t have to buy a new object in order to get it talking with the web. It also argues that being able to open and modify an object is an important part of owning it.

privacy dimmer sketchPrivacy Dimmer. The privacy dimmer can be regulated so that privacy in the connected home is controlled across a spectrum instead of just on/off. It consists of a set of two objects: a dimmer installed in the room, and a keyfob.

Recipes. Turn everyday objects into ingredients that you can use in recipes to control interactions in your home. Each visitor explores the kinds of objects they would want to be connected in their home and designs the interactions that they want–on their terms.

Sweet Home sketchHome Sweet. Home Sweet sketches how we bring our own data to a home’s data and what kind of data service that could create. A new inhabitant could learn the history of the building, pending issues, and any local information that they may want to be aware of as they join a new neighbourhood.

Trickle sketchTrickle. Trickle looks at how we might use motion and moveable home structures to interact differently with water. It enables us to make explicit decisions to throw water away or reuse it through a simple filtration unit.

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Wednesday 13th
17h-21h Launch party / Aperitivo

Thursday April 14th
11h-17h Doors open

Friday April 15th
11h-17h30 Doors open

11:30h-13h Workshop: Designing for hospitality, privacy and openness in connected homes


The workshop was hosted by Michelle Thorne (Mozilla Foundation), Iohanna Nicenboim (UdK Berlin), Alessandro Squatrito (Casa Jasmina) and Peter Bihr (The Waving Cat).

Saturday 16th
11h-17h Doors open

11h-12h30 Workshop: Technology for designers with Know Cards by Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino & Dries De Roeck of Studio Dott


Our hosts

Mikamai, Via Guilio e Corrado Venini 42, 20127 Milan


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