Brexit Bedroom

Brexit Bedroom by Katya Krasner, Natalia Dovhalionok, Maria Der, Grit Hartung and Dries de Roeck

We asked the design community to design the perfect poster for a teenager’s bedroom. A throwback to the 90’s wealth and habits, designers living in London responded in a tongue-in cheek manner, offering us a different take on teenage angst in a time of Brexit negotiations through the lens of science, politics, Hollywood and the visual arts.

This Way Out by Katya Krasner.
Explanation: “The maze is a puzzle, aimed to amuse and tickle one’s brain. Much like the British exit from the European Union this summer which has politicians and citizens scratching their heads. It has all wondering what brought us here, and how to solve it.”

Googhead Seeing Star Formation by Grit Hartung
Exhibition: “Three elements inspired London-based German designer Grit Hartung for this submission:
1. Douglas Coupland’s book ‘Electric Laser Goo Pop Head’ (2010)
2. Images of NASA/ESA named ‘Hubble Hotbed of Vigorous Star Formation’ which reveals the iridescent interior of one of the most active galaxies in our local neighborhood (NGC 1569). A small galaxy located about eleven million light-years away in the constellation of Camelopardalis (The Giraffe) it is a hotbed of vigorous star formation.
3. Images by NASA/ESA named ‘Hubble Uncovers a Mysterious Hermit’. The drizzle of stars scattered across this image forms a galaxy known as UGC 4879, an irregular dwarf galaxy. Galaxies of this type are a little smaller and messier than their cosmic cousins, lacking the majestic swirl of a spiral or the coherence of an elliptical. This galaxy’s isolation means that it has not interacted with any surrounding galaxies, making it an ideal laboratory for studying star formation uncomplicated by interactions with other galaxies.”

Deborah did Dover by Maria Der
Explanation: “Deborah did Dover is a reference to american adult film “Debbie does Dallas” about a highschool cheerleader girl who goes to Dallas and has many adventures and misadventures. In a post-Brexit England the system will need new icons and new scenarios close to a “regular citizen’s mind”, which could be consumed by a “new youth”. Deborah is a regular woman in her late twenties, who sometimes works in a pub where she shares pints with the regulars. She has a couple of children, but the only evidence of their existance is through her tattoos. Deborah likes men and men like her, so she regularly falls in love and gets in awkward situations. This time Deborah got tired of her regular big city life and decided to take a trip to Dover for a weekend. Hilarity ensues. Stories for a new generation.”

Independence Day by Natalia Dovhalionok.
Explanation: “It is future after the election of the year 2020 where Boris Johnson become a Prime Minister. Tory formed a coalition party with UKIP where Nigel Farage is already back as a leader. Scotland announces the date of the second independence referendum. Sadiq Khan is working on the referendum for London to leave the UK and transform London into ‘The World’s City.'”

brexit bedroom iron bre
Iron Brw by Dries de Roeck.
Explanation: “Irn Bru is one of the Scottish iconic drinks. Post-Brexit, Irn Bru was rebranded to Iron Brw in order to accomodate the English market better. Also, because of new import legislation, the scarce Scottish soft drink can only be bought once a year in England. Ever since Brexit, teenagers go crazy every year to secure their supply of Iron Brw.”