The process

We are an independant, highly collaborative project focused on public showcases of new ideas. Think of it as an applied thinktank with an open network of collaborators. So how does it work?

We open a call some months before a public ‘instance’ (which often coincides with other public events) inviting a wide range of practitioners to join a one day workshop.

During this face to face workshop we establish common design values and we learn about everyone’s interest and strengths. Teams are formed at this stage.

Several weeks after the workshop, contributors (in individuals or groups) commit to a particular output for the public ‘instance’.

We do not help contributors with any funding of their output but it can be as high resolution (functional product) or low resolution (images online or in print) as they like.

We find a suitable host and finance the setup and public presentation of each ‘instance’ as well as take part ourselves as practitioners.

It’s a rather unique process but we think it makes for a truly unique set of outcomes and ideas about future home living. Join us as a contributor for our next events!